Top 5 Personal Expense Trackers for Android Smartphones

Every day you step out of the home, or it’s a Sunday or holiday and you are at home, expenses go up every minute. If you are at home, then might be the paper hawker might have come to get his monthly payment, might be the milkman is at the doorstep for his pending amount. In this busy world, it is quite a hectic task to remember each and every expense that you are going to do in the month, or on a daily basis.

Might be its month’s end and it’s your birthday and your friends unwillingly took a treat from you, and you are not left with any money for the rest of the daily task, and in such situations Expense Trackers comes to be handy to be on your mobile phone, as daily you can keep a track of the upcoming expenses, see if you are spending too much daily or any such things.  

Let us first enlist the top 5 Personal Expense Tracker which we are going to discuss in today’s article.

  1. Spendee
  2. Expense Manager
  3. Expensify
  4. AndroMoney
  5. ClevMoney

These are some of the best Android Apps which will be managing your expenses for you.


This is a very good App in order to manage your expense, at the first screen Spender asks you to login to the App, this is also at only one click. It allows us to login via Facebook or Google. On the home screen, we have two tabs which are Month and Scheduled expenses which are the nicest thing, as it allows us to schedule some of the expenses which are going to happen for sure in the future.

The Spender App allows us to add more than one Wallet, which means you can add wallet of your wife, your children’s along with your wallet. This will allow you to keep a watch on all expenses made with your hard earned money be it by your children’s or by your Wife. Another useful feature of the App is, that it also has a separate section for savings which you can use from when you are in extreme needs.

This is a feature rich app and provides the functionality for what it is meant. The App is a sure install if you want to manage your expenses.

Expense Manager

This is a very straight forward app, this app will not ask for any kind of registration, login or any such things. It also means that it is not gonna be there when you change your device, hence is of no use if in future your handset gets lost. Still, taking a view on the Expense Manager app which is known for its functionality. This app allows us to customize everything from the currency settings to including custom categories, custom payee, and many other things.

Expense Manager

Expense Manager

Expense Manager Expense Manager

The app also includes some extra tools which include the currency converter, discount and tax Calculator, Tip Calculator, Credit Card Payoff, Intrest, Loan and many more things.

You must try the free version of the Expense Manager and move to the paid version if you like the layout and functionality of the app.


This is another app with a same type of motto, the motto of the app is to save your money. The app comes with the basic functionality that every other expense manager app will have such as, adding the expenses, adding of salary, etc. The app in excess doesn’t have more features and is a straight forward app. ClevMoney display all your Expenses at one tab, Income at other.



The tentative budget for each thing in other and many other charts and stats. This app is built for people who like straight forward things, as this app is a no-fancy no bullshit having just the moto to save the users money.

The app comes with ads, but if you like the app and you want to go for the premium version it will allow you to remove the Ads.


At the welcome screen, you will get Information about the AndroMoney app, on the home screen you have day wise classification of your expenses. Like on what all things you spend your hard earned money and much more such comparisons. You get the option to get the weekly report of your expenses herein and also you can export the savings, earnings, and expenses which will help you to give to your CA, without taking out time separately to write things for him.

AndroMoney Screenshots

AndroMoney Screenshots

This app also keeps a watch on our Assets and even on our Liabilities which are the future expenses to be done. AndroMoney will also be keeping a watch on your bank loans, Credit Card Monthly Credit Limit and much more.

With AndroMoney you can take out your Monthly Budget, Weekly Budget, and Yearly budget after using the app for at least of 2 to 3 months.


This app will welcome its user with a login screen which is a good sign that all your input data is going to be secure and you don’t have to backup it every month as the cloud backup is happening daily. With this app, it is mostly all automatic. This app actually integrates with your Credit Card, via your mail ID, and then can fetch the expense you do on your card, and hence this is the most advanced app of all the apps listed here.



This app is also a no-nonsense app, where you don’t need to add the expenses done by your Credit Card and for cash expense you can scan the receipts which it will automatically add to the expense list. This also fetches your bank details and hence, therefore, being one of the most advanced apps in the list.

This app also helps you to plan the trips by planning all the expenses way ahead.

These were top 5 apps which will be used for managing your expenses and will help you to become your Personal Expense Tracker.

In this cacophonical world, where new gadgets and services tend to get the best out of pockets, staying within our financial limits becomes quite vital. Thanks to the era of the smartphones, we can now have a measure of every penny on our fingertips.